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Carbon Trading for Companies who care.

EcoWay is a global consulting firm in the field of climate change. Our goal is simple: to help our clients improve their performance and competitiveness through the management of CO2 as a commodity.

Thanks to our team of professionals, EcoWay has developed a specific, multidisciplinary know-how regarding the integrated policies for the correct application of the rules of the Kyoto Protocol and of Emissions Trading, as well as the positioning strategies for companies on green issues, both in terms of brand and product.

In order to ensure this approach, EcoWay has built partnerships with national and international companies and organisations in the financial, scientific research, marketing and communication sectors.

EcoWay is organised into two business units:

  • Carbon Finance
    EcoWay has been, since 2005, the number one Italian trading desk for CO2 supporting clients with the most effective strategies for compliance and ensuring timely and transparent access to markets under the best conditions.
    The trading desk offers, through dedicated professionals, a range of services at the forefront of international standards in order to meet the needs of our portfolio of Italian and European clients.
  • Emission Free Projects
    EcoWay created, in 2003, the first Italian Protocol of carbon offsetting in order to help our clients with their strategies of reduction and offsetting of CO2 emissions. Since 2010 it has been associated with the ECOmpany brand, to ensure transparency of processes and third party certification for all the initiatives undertaken by clients. The areas have a double operational value: on the one hand they operate independently of each other to meet the specific needs of the clients, and on the other hand they ensure the completeness of the chain and a specialised, integrated offer.

Since 2010 the EcoWay Group, in order to expand its presence in the French market, is also present in Nice through its subsidiary EcoWay Trading S.a.r.l.

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